Dock Work

Docks are where our clients’ products meet the road. Due to heavy use, docks are in constant need of repair or upgrade. Dock sites, levelers, doors or shelters provide a steady diet for our experienced Bertolet Construction crews. 

  • Dolly Pads – Extension or replacement to accommodate larger trailers.
  • Overhead Doors – Replacement, enlargements, or reductions.
  • Bollards – Concrete encased pipes to protect facilities, equipment and workers.
  • Drainage – Adding drains or adjusting slabs and paving.
  • Dock Additions – To increase your productivity. Our experience allows these projects to be done without interfering with truck and tow motor traffic.
  • Dock Equipment – Dock levelers, shelters, bumpers, and seal replacement.
  • Dock Area Demolition and Excavation – Dock renovations and repairs often require the removal of structures. We are experienced working in dock areas in a less intrusive manner.

We can also accommodate specialized weekend and holiday shutdown work to shorten your down time.