Tom Bertolet started Bertolet Cement Contractors in 1975, specializing in concrete. He spent the first 15 years of the business working as a concrete foreman/owner. To this day, concrete work is one of Bertolet Construction’s strongest service offerings. 

  • Site Concrete – Replace and repair walks, curbs, slabs, walls and steps.
  • Concrete Equipment Foundations – From small equipment foundations to large municipal sewage pump stations.
  • Underpinning – Providing temporary support to buildings and bridges. We excavate beneath the structure and reinforce with concrete.
  • Surface Drainage – Adjusting slopes or adding drains to remove unwanted standing water.
  • Loading Docks – Accommodating larger truck lengths with new dolly pads and leveler pit installation or replacement. Special concrete design mixes help to quickly restore usability.
  • Pits - Replace, alter, or repair pits, which are generally inside owners facilities. This requires unique demolition equipment and repair methods which are a Bertolet specialty.
  • Structural Renovation and Repair – With Bertolet expertise, a concrete foundation can often be repaired rather than replaced.
  • Epoxy Concrete - Designed to withstand harsh acidic environments for protecting structures or slabs.

We can also accommodate specialized weekend and holiday shutdown work to shorten your down time.